Lemna Test

Figure: medeaLab lemna image processing device for easy and fast execution of the Lemna test

The Lemna test is a test for the toxic effect of substances contained in the water, according to DIN EN ISO 20079. The evaluation is carried out by determining the reduction of the growth rate of duckweed (Lemna minor).

For many years, we have been developing devices for the routine and automated execution of this ecotoxicological test.

Our latest generation of devices is characterized by a particularly compact design:

  • Housing with a small footprint and only 2 USB lines to the associated all-in-one PC
  •  The powerful PC (all-in-one) integrated into the monitor is particularly space-saving
  •  By designing the device especially for the Lemna test, the housing dimensions could be kept low

Counting or measuring parameters of the medeaLAB lemna system:

Our special Lemna test device is equipped with:

  •  space-saving all-in-one PC (operating system MS Windows 10 and medeaLAB software)
  • high-resolution Basler ace USB3 Vison color camera with megapixel lens
  • shadow-free, diffuse LED dome lighting for incident light (especially helpful for cloudy water samples)
  • transmitted light high-power LED unit in the base plate

All lighting settings can be set and stored in the medeaLAB Count&Classify software.

-> The Quick Start (PDF, German)…

Figure: Software medeaLAB lemna – automatic evaluation of a water sample with Lemna minor