medeaLAB Tracking

medeaLAB Tracking is an automated measurement system for determining the mobility (motility) and speed of organisms and particles. Computer-aided motion analysis allows not only the study of the movement patterns of individual objects, but also the calculation of velocity and direction distributions for a whole population including statistical parameters. Objects can be tracked in both the microscopic and macroscopic areas (tracking / track recording). Up to 200 object paths can be recorded simultaneously in real time: objects are captured and tracked until they leave the field or a collision occurs.

Search and track objects taking into account the following characteristics:

Area                             Perimeter

Geometric Center   Length

Form factor                Extensions

Evaluation parameters

 Motion parameters


Some examples of the medeaLAB tracking software can be found here…

Figure: Tracking a threadworm (Caenorhabditis)


Flexible image acquisition

Use of image and video files, analog, USB, FireWire and GigE cameras as well as scanners – this makes it easy to integrate into existing systems. Of course, we also supply you with the appropriate image acquisition hardware (cameras, lenses, filters, cables, etc.) if required.

Automatic and interactive threshold setting

In many cases the system can configure itself automatically, interactive fine tuning is facilitated by visual feedback


MedeaLAB Tracking has numerous interfaces for data exchange: clipboard, various file formats, ODBC databases, automatic Office export via macros (to Excel or Word).


The output of results and graphics can be conveniently done as a report based on supplied or custom HTML templates.

Measured value acquisition

Direct integration into laboratory automation systems is possible via digital I/O, PLC systems or OPC servers.