No application is like the other. Our products are therefore adapted to each specific question.  Our software can detect, measure, count and classify a wide variety of objects and, if necessary, track their movement (tracking). Depending on the optics used or existing image data the objects can be of various scales: microscopy images as well as drone images of overland flights are possible. The shape of the object can also vary from round to elongated to more complex structures. The images can come from controlled laboratory conditions or from outdoors affected by daylight. If required, we can also equip you with the right optics and lighting.
Please contact us: we will take the time to have a detailed consultation with you.

medeaLAB Count&Classify

Counting, measuring and classifying objects in the microscopic and macroscopic range.

medeaLAB Tracking

Tracking and motion analysis of objects in the microscopic and macroscopic range.

Our vision systems medeaLAB Machine Vision and Embedded Vision are used for questions in industrial production and quality control. These products are used for a wide range of questions: from optical character recognition (OCR), to robot guidance to quality control.

medeaLAB Machine Vision

We offer you technically sophisticated solutions on a PC basis for the industrial sector.

Embedded Vision Systems

High-quality components form the core of our embedded vision systems and devices for use in production.