We develop and distribute image processing systems and vision systems for your specific application.

More than 25 years of experience in digital image processing are incorporated into our vision systems.

Our know-how lies in both the biomedical and industrial sectors. This often leads us to solutions that a provider of classic industrial image processing systems cannot offer. The resulting synergy effects make us strong in various fields of application of imaging: research (biology, medicine, crop science), manufacturing and industry (automation, quality control, monitoring).

We are not tied to a specific application or industry, but provide you with software that is tailored to your needs. 

Consulting is our strenght: Because of our rich experience we can support your project from planning to operation.

We also offer maintenance or extension for vision systems that are already in use. We support systems on the basis of the Matrox Smart Cameras Iris GT and Iris GTR / GTX or Embedded PCs.  

Logo Innovativ durch Forschung
Innovative Through Research
Logo Matrox Imaging Autorisierter Integrator
Matrox Imaging Autorized Integrator

Our products at a glance

All of our products are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and are specially adapted to each customer.

Our products medeaLAB Count&Classify and medeaLAB Tracking are mainly used in research and in the laboratory sector for biology, medicine and plant breeding.

medeaLAB Count&Classify

Counting, measuring and classifying objects in the microscopic and macroscopic range

medeaLAB Tracking

Tracking and motion analysis of single or multiple objects

Our Products medeaLAB Machine Vision and Embedded Systems are used in a wide range of industrial applications.

medeaLAB Machine Vision

Technically sophisticated solutions based on A PC for the industrial sector. Use cases can be for example in a qualitiy assurance laboratory or for connection to an LIMS.

medeaLAB Embedded Vision Systems

High-quality components are building the core of our embedded vision systems and devices  used in production control. Is used in Robot Guidance, OCR, Label existance controll or measurement of parts in harsh enviroments