Embedded Vision Systems

Under the name Embedded Vision Systems, we offer you a variety of image processing solutions ranging from out-of-the-box solutions with one or more smart cameras to multi-camera systems with a central embedded PC to integrated image processing devices. For our Embedded Vision Systems we use the proven development system MATROX Design Assistant. This allows us to use tried-and-tested software solutions and adapt them for your specific application in a short time.


The applications include occupied / empty inspections, calibration tasks, or process control in general. Some of our application examples for embedded vision systems can be found here…

Figure: Training the gripping position of an industrial robot

Our image processing devices are designed specially for a single application. They can be either stationary or mobile and are mostly used in laboratories. You can find selected examples here…

Figure: medeaLAB PrecisionScan


Smart Camera Systems

Smart Cameras are usually used if the target object is within the field of view of a single camera (may also include deflection mirrors).

We are using MATROX IRIS GTR and GTX Smart Cameras with the integrated development environment Design Assistant.

Figure: MATROX Iris GTR

Embedded PC Systems

Multi-camera systems with a central processing unit (Embedded PC) are required if a complex imaging task consists of several single tests that can only be covered by multiple cameras.

A combination of a MATROX 4Sight EV6 image processing computer with up to 8 BASLER industrial cameras, high-power LED illumination and the imaging development environment MATROX Design Assistant is the basis for the most elaborate inspection systems.


Figure: MATROX Embedded PC, Smart Camera and High-Power LED illumination

Matrox Design Assistant

MATROX Design Assistant is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Windows.  Dedicated vision programs are created using intuitive flowcharts rather than traditional code. This allows the user to design a graphical web-based user interface for the application. Due to the hardware independence of MATROX Design Assistant you may switch between MATROX smart cameras, Embedded PCs or any computer in conjunction with GigE Vision® or USB3 Vision® cameras as a platform.

MATROX Design Assistant offers a variety of ready-to-use solutions that can be the basis for demanding image processing tasks, e.g.:

  • Barcode and 2D Code Detection
  • Presence check / Absence check
  • Recipe management
  • Robot Guide (Pick-and-Place)
  • Dot Matrix Text Recognition


Figure: Optical Character Recognition

Integrated image processing equipment

For specific tasks we design and build integrated image processing equipment according to our customer’s needs. Depending on the application we use either our proven medeaLAB software or the development system MATROX Design Assistant. Together with selected hardware components we realize image processing devices tailored to your needs.

Our custromized image processing equipment is used mainly in test laboratories, in quality control (incoming goods inspection), but also in research facilities.

Application examples…