Image enhancement of live X-ray

Figure: PHOENIX 3000 with X-ray arm (radiation source), X-ray sensor integrated in the operating table and screen output. The control is done by keyboard, touchpad and foot switch.

The PHOENIX 3000 is a workplace with integrated X-ray imaging for hand surgery. The innovative design enables an optimized surgical workflow. The images generated during the procedure are processed, optimized and transmitted live to the screen by our medeaLab software.

An additional built-in radiation filter fulfils the high requirements for application in pediatrics. Nevertheless, due to a software algorithm optimized by us, excellent image quality will be obtained.

With an optionally integrated video camera, it is possible to record the entire surgical procedure. In addition, the device is equipped with a cinema loop function, which makes it possible to record and store radioscopy videos.

We integrated a patient database enabling the storage of surgical data, images and videos on the internal hard drive. The import of the patient worklist and export of the data into a patient management system (PACS) is possible via the DICOM interface. The graphic interface has been designed by us according to ergonomic and time-efficient aspects.

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Figure: User interface home screen for input or input to access patient data

Figure: User interface with patient data, radiation dose values and image series