Film testing system

Figure: Classification of film defects

Inline testing of transparent plastic films (flat films and blown films) at speeds of up to 50 m/s. The film testing system was developed for surface testing. It can be used for the inspection of transparent material, such as films, glass or acrylic as well as non-transparent material such as paper, aluminum, steel or textiles.

When inspecting films, the system can detect stapins (fisheyes), black spots, holes and other irregularities in 10 different size classes from 5 microns. The system includes a high-speed line camera and a lighting unit. The line sensor is connected to a high-performance imaging computer. The line camera and lighting unit are mounted in a protective aluminium housing, making it suitable for high-speed application in the laboratory as well as for online material testing in production.

The exposure time is independent of the transport speed of the material. The speed is measured constantly by means of a contactless inductive sensor. This can be mounted on a measuring wheel. A manual setting of the speed is therefore not necessary.


  • DALSA CameraLink Line Camera
  • Transparency unit
  • MATROX Solios Framegrabber
  • Measurement of film speed by incremental encoder and measuring wheel
  • medeaLab Film Testing Software (MFTS)
  • medeaLAB Machine Vision

Figure: medeaLab Film Testing System