medeaLAB Machine Vision

Under the name medeaLAB Machine Vision, we offer you technically sophisticated imaging solutions for use in the laboratory or in production. For more than 20 years, we have been developing our own algorithms for image processing. Proven software modules, together with finished hardware components, form the basis of our medeaLAB Machine Vision image processing system.

Possible measurement parameters

Among other things, the following parameters can be determined:

Area                 Perimeter

Length             Geometric center

Convexity        Homogneity

Gray value      Color value

Form factor     Skeleton


The medeaLAB Machine Vision software for measuring, identification, counting and completeness control for different materials in various application areas is used for testing components.

The analysis of bulk solids with the evaluation of particle size distribution, length of fibers and the determination of shape parameters is also possible.

medeaLAB Machine Vision in combination with line cameras is also suitable for monitoring continuous material for non-contact and non-destructive real-time testing of cables, foils, punched parts, etc. .

Our software also enables subpixel accurate measurement for product testing and classification in quality assurance for use in the laboratory or integrated into your operating schedule.

Further application examples of medeaLAB Machine Vision can be found here…

Figure: Position detection of a roof tile


Smart Camera Systems

One or more Smart Cameras are usually used when the test task can be covered from the field of view of a camera (may be also by using deflection mirrors).

We only use the IRIS GT and MATROX IRIS GTR smart cameras from the reknown manufacturer MATROX Imaging.

Figure: Matrox Iris GTR